My Name is Kevin and I am born July 17th 1988 in Lucerne Switzerland. I grew up around Cologne Germany always carrying a passion for rock and metal music, tattoo culture and an American driven dream in my heart. In December 2018 I moved to Los Angeles California where I am currently living. Although I finished my university degree as a social worker, my life went on a very diverse path of many different kind of occupations.

After playing in an international performing metal band, I started to create an Instagram profile in early 2015 to promote me as musician. “The Creekman” was born. Since then life started to change turbulently and brought new opportunities continuously to tryout and fulfill oneself in different directions. So up to this day I have worked professionally as a social worker, model, musician, actor, personal trainer, tattoo artist and of course blogger and social media influencer.

Even life was and is still changing pretty fast, many things are always the same. I love to travel, enjoy good food and drinks, listen to handmade music, lifting weights and all about the latest men‘s fashion, styles and trends… but mostly I love to take you with me on this amazing journey called “life”!

Skin Deep Cover - The Creekman


I am also known for my “weight loss” or “transformation” story. Since my earliest childhood I have been overweight. When I was 18 years old I weighted over 335lbs / 150kg. I realized I need to change. I had the fear to live and die alone. So I focused all my willpower to change and I lost 175lbs / 80kg in one year. 

I was underweight then and I still couldn’t love my body, because I had a lot of loose and excess skin. I started to work out to compensate, but it didn’t improved the skin. So I felt ashamed for my body my entire life.

In 2014 I had my first surgery. I got my loose and excess skin removed from my belly, back and lateral body. I got finally rid of my excess skin but I still didn’t feel free in my skin. My scars told a story I didn’t want to tell everybody. So my full body tattoo project was born.


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