"Do I move to the USA?"

Welcome to my first blog post about a very reasonable and often asked question.

“Do I move to the USA?” – The most accurate answer would be – “I don’t know.”

But in this blog I want to share with you everything I know so far.

If you are a long term follower on Instagram you probably know about my American Dream. I don’t want to give you all the details here, why I am so attracted to live in the USA. There are a bunch of reasons that seem to me perfect for my current life situation (but definitely not the political situation…). Since I have this dream deeply rooted in my mind, I made tons of researches, tons of networks, but nothing has worked so far for all the years that I have been working for this dream…

The basic issue is, that the USA immigration laws are probably the hardest worldwide to meet the requirements (except from a simple marriage). So while most countries would just give a motivated and skilled person a leap of faith to set up one’s own business or to find work in a limited time, the USA wants tons evidences that you are having a good secured income through an US company or agent, before you have ever made a step into the country. In addition you and the sponsoring company/agent has to proof, that your kind of skill is so extraordinary, that nobody else in the USA could do the job (and a tons of more criterion, depending on what kind visa you are applying, which is getting more and more tricky). So finding an American company that would do all those crazy steps with me just seemed to be impossible… so far!

But like in all things in life, persistence and consistency pays off! Since about 4 month I found an amazing lovely human being and very flexible and self motivated company, that is going all the steps with me, inclusive an specialized American attorney. To be transparent for all persons that have always been asking, I am specifically applying for an O1-visa (aka artist via) as a social media influencer. Unfortunately the US immigration law will not allow to extend my artist visa to other working fields, even I am an artist doing music, tattoos and stuff. Therefore I would have need to do additional applications, probably with other American sponsor from an another working segment. At least social media segment is quite flexible, so I can do still a few of my other artistries, but not as my main occupation. And as you probably can suspect, the artist visa is unfortunately limited to maximum of 3 years first.

What’s the state of affairs? I had tons of calls and met my sponsor to get all the paperwork done, so that the attorney can finalize my application. Unfortunately I still need to get a few more references for my paperwork to have a stronger case. So everybody who is working somehow in the media industry is very welcome write me letter of recommendation to support my case! 😉

My personal goal would be to finalize everything in July. In addition we are going for an premium processing, which means the USCIS needs to make a decision within 15 days… and before you ask, of course, that will cost an extra fee. So if everything works out well I probably going to have an decision in August and would potentially move to Los Angeles from September on. But that’s just my personal aimed schedule when everything is going well.

I hope this blog was kind of interested for some of you… I just thought I want to give you a transparent insight what is actually going on in my life, because I am getting still a bunch of questions when I am coming over… and this blog is the most honest answer! And no, I am probably not coming to the USA earlier. Not before the visa decision was finally made.

Thanks for reading!

Kevin ❤

PS: I am still a native German speaker. Please apology linguistic mistakes.

Photo: Gilbert Pereda (Los Angeles, 2015)


  1. Hii Kevin,

    I feel your attraction to the Staates! 🙂 for me it’s the same, I can’t really tell why, but it just feels like I have to go there…

    So I wish you all the best and a great time in the USA, also thumbs up for your tattoo career 😀

    Guess I will stick around and read how your journey is going…



    1. Probably because of everyone in the world is influenced by American medias… especially all wester Nations. So crossing my fingers for your American Dream too! Best wishes and thanks for following 🙂


  2. Kevin, I have said this before and I will say it again, your English is fantastic, better then mine and I’m born and bred! You are an inspiration to so many people, don’t ever loss faith and keep aiming high, you will make it, I am convinced, just don’t ever stop posting those amazing photos on Instagram, or as I like to call them, a little piece of heaven 🖤🤘

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  3. Hi Kevin, Your English is fantastic, and I love reading your thoughts and seeing your dreams and goals. I know they will happen for you, I mean look at all that you’ve accomplished in your life so far. 😊
    Best of luck and best wishes


  4. Always wishing you the best, when you make it to the US I would love to meet you! You’re an inspiration. Thank you, Maria (goddesssmack13 from Instagram)

    Ps, if I can ever help with something, let me know.

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  5. Hey My Favorite! I, 1st of all really wish from the bottom of my heart ♥ that ur Visa finally gets approved n hope to see ur post from USA in August 🙋😜.. N u speak pretty gud English n you r doin fantastic job trust me.. My Bestest of wishes r wid u 🙌

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  6. Loved reading this so much and as you know, I’m always very curious. While I don’t live in the Los Angeles area, I have some ideas that may help, so feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me. And as everyone else said, you’re English is perfectly fine! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Meanwhile, keep following your dreams.

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  7. Hi Kevin,
    Your blog is very informative and well-written. As a high school English teacher in the US, I can share that your writing is better than many of my students (they are teenagers)!
    I was unaware of exactly how difficult it is the obtain the type of Visa you are looking for. I appreciate you explaining that. I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your American Dream. ❤

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  8. pouvoir réaliser ses rêves est la meilleure chose qui soit dans une vie. Je viens de te lire et j’adoooore !!!! 😁 … tout ça est partie d’un simple coeur sur une photo sur insta et maintenant je te suis pour te voir realiser ton rêve
    … j’attends la suite 💪🤘

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      1. I’m sorry I thought the translation was automatic! to be able to realize one’s dreams is the best thing in life. I just read you and I love it !!!! 😁 … everything that is part of a simple heart on a picture on insta and now I am to see the director your dream
        … I’m waiting for more 💪🤘

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  9. Hi Kevin,
    Best of luck with your dream. I am a resident of San Diego and I encourage you to shoot for your dream! I know you will love Los Angeles!!

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  10. Verfolge deine Seite ja schon lange Kevin und mag einfach deine Geschichte und deine Posts. Du bist authentisch und gehst zielstrebig deinen Weg! Das hat mich tief beeindruckt. Ich wünsche dir das dein Traum in den USA zu leben in Erfüllung geht und freue mich auf weitere tolle Bilder und neue Posts von dir!! Wünsche dir nur das Allerbeste!!

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  11. May all your dreams come true! I hope you have the opportunity to visit the east coast of the US also. New York city has so much culture and great tattoo artists!

    I have looked for some of your music… you have it posted somewhere?

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  12. I am so happy that you are making your dream come true! It takes a tremendous amount of courage and perseverance to make this happen. Believe in yourself and anything can happen! Once you are settled in California, I hope you take the time to tour our beautiful country. I have been all over the USA and can tell you that each state and each area of the country has its own charm and warmth. We have a bit of everything and are always happy to share and teach (as well as learn). Please make sure to visit the east coast, especially New England. It is spectacular in the summer and fall. Be sure to put Vermont on your list of places to go. Best of luck 🙏🏻🤞🏻

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    1. Thanks a lot for you wishes! I totally love the landscape of California and all those hidden places on the road… I’ll definitely do my best then, to see as much as possible. Wishing you all the best too! 🙂


  13. I’m happy for you and I also apologize for my country’s bullshit way to let someone come here. Believe me, I did not vote for current prez.
    But I do hope that everything goes well for you and you are able to be set up your next chapter of your life.
    Congratulations Kevin! 🙂

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  14. Hey Kevin!

    Ich wünsche Dir alles erdenklich Gute und dass Dein Traum in Erfüllung geht. Alles kommt, wie es komme muss. Es war mir eine große Freude, Dich kennenzulernen. Schön, dass ich eine Erinnerung an Dich unter der Haut habe.

    Und Dein Englisch ist super… durch das Lesen Deiner Posts, trainiere ich meines eben so. 😉

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    1. Hey Andrea,

      freut mich von dir zu hören! Ich bin ja nicht aus der Welt und die Heimat bleibt wohl immer hier angesiedelt. Daher… man sieht sich immer (mindestens) zwei mal im Leben! 😉



  15. Hey mein Lieber,
    Natürlich wünsche ich dir auch das sich dein Traum erfüllt und alles kommt wie du es dir erhoffst und wünschst.
    Du bist ein grossartiger Mensch und ich bin sehr froh und dankbar das ich dich persönlich kennen lernen durfte.
    Und du bleibst ja auch, egal wo auch immer du dich auf der Welt befindest, unter meiner Haut.
    Auch dafür nochmal 1000 Dank.
    Du hast schon so viel erreicht da wird die USA dir mit Sicherheit keine Steine in den Weg legen.
    Alle Daumen sind gedrückt auch wenn ich dich ungern so weit weg sehe.
    Aber bin auf allen Kanälen dabei und begleite somit deine weiteren Vorhaben.
    Viele liebe Grüße
    Die Nici 😘

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    1. Ach liebe Nici, absolut nichts zu danken… freue mich sehr über deine Nachricht und deine Wünsche! Ich wünsche dir ebenfalls alles alles Gute auf deinem weiteren Weg. Immer schön für die Träume kämpfen… man lebt nur ein mal! 😉💪🏻

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  16. don’t worry about where you will live, the universe always gives us what we need but what we need is not always what we want, Germany, USA or China, doesn’t matter where you are, you will always be my inspiration; the universe and its possibilities will join us one day. that day I will carry your art on my skin and I hope you remember this comment that day, hello from Venezuela, Auf Wiedersehen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much my friend! I really appreciate your amazing words and I would be honored to be a part of your skin… looking forward to meet you one day! Best wishes! ❤


  17. It is so very nice to hear that there are still things in the USA which are attractive. As with most places, we have things we are shamed of and things we are proud of. I truly hope you do not run into any major issues with getting your visa settled and move though you are ahead of the game with knowing and having goals planned! I know that once you are here we will try to support you the best we can and come by to get your art work! Thanks for starting the blog so we can follow your experiences!


    1. Every country and every aspect of life has its dark and bright sides… I love California’s nature and the feel of freedom and endless roads! Thank you so much for your wishes… once the visa is working, there are definitely a lot other hard obstacles I have to work with. But so glad I am having so much support… thank you! ❤


  18. Great Blog and so excited for you! Your English is great btw. Hey! if you want to do a K-1 visa let me know. 😉 lol
    Love your Instagram photos! Hope your American Dream comes true and I’ll be sure to follow your blog!

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  19. Kevin,

    It will be very interesting to see how you like life in the states once you get here. I’ve always wondered how great it is in other parts of the world specifically Europe. Will you be satisfied with our culture or lack there of or will you want to go back to your home? Time will tell, and hopefully you will love it! Here is hoping you can come for sure, and kudos for being persistent, and making your american dream come true! Me and my family are about an hour away! Lots to see in California and surrounding states!

    Tawny aka phantombride85


  20. Hi Kevin, your story is beyond inspiring. I wish you all the best in and on your journey. I would advise while here please see beyond California. California is very nice and it would great visual to see other states when you get the chace. Travel the states as much as you can!


  21. Hello
    I find your story very cool and motivating and I am convinced that you will achieve the longest you propose, you also look great and that opens the doors.

    I am from Colombia and at this stage of my life I want to open my horizons, that is why I want to fight for the things I want.
    I hope we can continue communicating, I must say you are very handsome and sexy


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