Welcome to the USA!

First of all a happy New Year everyone!

I’m sorry for haven’t been very active on my journal. But most of you probably know, that the USA visa journey was a hell of a ride… but, we finally made it! I got an officially approved O1 visa as an artist with extraordinary abilities. Sounds crazy, huh? On the 29th of November 2018 I stepped onto that one way flight to Los Angeles, California. It still feels overwhelming and kinda unreal, but I couldn’t imagine any other scenario which could have made this year end better.

So now I’m here, writing to you from Venice, California and I have a HUGE bunch of new things going on. Some of them are very very trivial, like finding a long term room/flat, getting an ID, bank account etc., but also very definitive ones like who I want to be and what I want to achieve as an influential person finally living in the USA. The visions are there, but the paths seem long and nebulous. But I’m sure, I’ll find a way.

New year, new home, new everything.

Stay tuned! ❤


  1. Du wirst deinen Weg schon finden, da bin ich mir ganz sicher.
    Wie aufregend das jetzt alles für Dich sein muss das kann ich mir gar nicht vorstellen.
    Aber ich freue mich total das dieser erste Traum schonmal für Dich zur Wirklichkeit wurde.
    Und der Rest wird auch noch kommen…
    Halte uns auf dem Laufenden, freue mich immer sehr was von Dir zu lesen.
    Weiterhin alles alles Liebe
    Nici 😘

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  2. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need , the only thing I’m afraid is that you’ll stop replying to our comments when your huge and famous . Don’t forget us little people. You’ll always have a home in Dallas Texas. By the way your r the sweetest and most noble person and I know you’ll have a beautiful adventure there . I’m seriously thinking of to Cali just to get a glimpse of you , I know I wouldn’t have the guts to talk to you, but at least see the man of my dreams . Oh and show my son his daddy , 😂

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    1. Thanks my friend! I’m sorry that sometimes I can’t reply to all comments. Today I replied to all the comments of my current post which took my attention for a whole day doing nothing else. So sadly with bigger growth I can’t do this anymore… but I’ll do always my best to reply as much and possible! And I am always reading all the comments! 😉✌🏻


  3. I’m happy for you, best wishes! I’ve lived in southern California my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way, you are only hours away from anything you want to do, in almost perfect weather. It’s great to have you here.

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  4. Truly an inspiration in all that you do. Very excited to see what the future has instore for you. Continue to be genuine, kind, and humble in all that you do. Sending best wishes and positive thoughts and vibes for all your future endeavors. Hope to get the chance to meet you and the pleasure of having some of your artwork as well. Never settle and continue to reach for the stars.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words! I’ll be definitely a lot around the USA this year and it’s a pleasure to meet you maybe somewhere around! Thanks and all the best back to you! 🖤


  5. Hello Kevin,

    Welcome to Cali! It’s been a long journey for you but I hope you find it worth all the time you put in to get here.

    I am so happy for you to have fulfilled this dream, its only the beginning of great things to come. I give you my best wishes for a bright future here. Us immigrants need to stick together. My father come here from Hong Kong and worked hard to be able to bring his family over, I was just a baby when I arrived but I was very aware of how hard my parents worked to make it in this country.

    The Chinese call the USA “Gold Mountain”, I hope you are able to thrive here on the Gold Mountain.

    All the best to you! 😊🈲️❤


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    1. Hey Shirley! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment! I do my best to settle in somehow… Hope you found your place around the Golden Mountain! All the best back to you! 🙌🏻


  6. Welcome to the US! I’m thrilled for you and am looking forward to keeping up with the changes, growth and success I’m sure you will find this coming year. Best of luck to you!

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  7. Congratulations, for this new stage you are going through !!! You will see how you will achieve all that you propose a lot of success and blessings🖤🖤


  8. Wir kennen uns nicht, aber ich finde es sehr inspirierend, dass jemand alles für sein großes Ziel macht und dieses umsetzt. Das zeigt, dass es im Leben immer vorwärts und weiter geht.. sehr schön das mitzubekommen 🙂


  9. Beautiful, I know I have to wish you great achievements. You are already a great inspiration to many. and I love having you in my life. makes me evolve, and see a less black side of life. kiss. success. and I’m always here to admire you ________________________________ De: The Creekman Enviado: sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2019 12:24 Para: Assunto: [New post] NEW YEAR. NEW HOME. NEW EVERYTHING.

    thecreekman posted: “First of all a happy New Year everyone! I’m sorry for haven’t been very active on my journal. But most of you probably know, that the USA visa journey was a hell of a ride… but, we finally made it! I got an officially approved O1 visa as an artist with”


  10. Have not check in on you since I asked about how hard it is to get a visa. Congrats on making it here and I have seen that you are having a blast on instagram! Proud of you, bro! I hope things keep looking up for you in your journey! One day hoping to get out to see you and get some work done in the future!


  11. Just started following you on a whim because your photos were interesting and beautiful. I found out that you’ve played with one of my favourite bands (Arch Enemy) and now I’ve read your story and am truly delighted that you are strong enough to share so much about yourself and inspire others. Keep soaring.
    Much respect.🤘


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